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Jobmine is more than just job placement. Jobmine does not just find a job for you, but just the right person. The job title can be started directly in the job search.

For those who want to test their talents and abilities, who are not sure in which area they want to apply or who are looking for new prospects, Jobmine offers the Personality Test. Discover your talents with Jobmine and find the job that really suits you

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Uncomplicated and accurate. No more endless searches for job profiles - let the Jobmine algorithm search.

Simple application

Without cover letter and tedious forms.

Simply mobile

Job search and application completely on your smartphone.

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Job-Matching Advantage

Behind every resume there are different talents - and behind every job profile different activities. A job profile reflects requirements - but does not say anything about the skills that would fit exactly.

Jobmine matches skills, motivation, interests and personality profiles with activities and requirements of individual job offers.

Your individual profile considers your abilities, interests and experiences, and in doing so, matches activities and requirements of job offers.

Perhaps the best match - the best hit - is even a job profile that has not been considered yet.

The individual profile is calculated from....

...your abilities

The very formal area:
Where are you looking for
In which areas have you already worked?
Do you already have special work experience?

...your personality

Answer the questions spontaneously and intuitively. What skills do you have?

What do you like to do? What interests you?

...your data

Answer what applies more to you:
Are you looking for challenges? Are you sociable?


The matching shows you job profiles that match your individual data. Personality - skills - interests - experience

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