The Jobmine-Algorithm

How does our algorithm work?

Quite simple: Our algorithm combines the skills and qualifications of candidates with the requirements of individual job profiles. Behind each candidate there are different talents and behind each job profile individual requirements - even for identical job titles.

Approach from two sides

The Jobmine algorithm calculates the greatest possible matches between candidates and job profiles. In the area of personality profiles, a psychometric test is used to determine preferences for action, perception and problem solving. Combined with interests, (professional) experience and qualifications, this results in a profile that is compared with the requirements and individual wishes of the respective position.

Our algorithm works from two sides: the candidate and the job profile.

The Jobmine Algorithm finds the perfect match between candidate and job profile.

A scientifically based profile is created for the candidates. The decisive factors are "skills" such as abilities, activities and experience as well as "attitude" such as motivation and interests.

The job advertisements are deciphered, important requirements are individually filtered out and the special "skills" for the matching are translated.

The result: the perfect match!