How to find your dream job

Jobmine saves you the endless search for your job profile on job portals. In short questionnaires we guide you through your ability and potential analysis and don't forget what interests and defines you. At Jobmine your potential counts more than your CV. Discover your talents and opportunities!

1. Your skills

Do you know your strengths, or do you only see what you have already done? In the first test we evaluate your skills and interests.

2. Your personality

What makes you so special? In the personality test you will find out your individual strengths and soft skills. Your potential counts here.

3. Your profile

You can set up your profile in just a few steps. Limit your search to real job profiles by radius. Upload documents such as resumes or certificates easily from your smartphone or PC.


Here is your result: Your personal match of personality type, soft skills, interests and possibilities in comparison to job profiles. Maybe you'll also find job profiles you haven't thought about yet. You can view and edit your matches at any time on your smartphone. After that, you are at your application with just one click!

5. Play with your results

While the algorithm looks for the perfect matches for you, you can test your knowledge about certain activities in the quiz area.