Jobmine based on personal potential

Jobmine, the new way to find applicants

Jobmine combines two crucial elements for modern recruiting:

Find applicants where they are

Job search mobile-optimized for smartphones

Intelligent Job-Matching

According to skills and personality

New paths in recruiting

The search for suitable employees is tedious, costly and often does not lead to the desired success. It wastes opportunities, time and money. In the future, skills and personality will decide.

Important soft skills that will become more and more important are:

– Problem solving competence

– Organizational skills

– Communication

– Collaboration

These personality traits are recognised in the personality profile and compared with the respective job profile.

The perfect match!

Find all advantages of our algorithm here: The Jobmine-Algorithm →

We are not simply looking for applicants - we are looking for tailor-made talents.

Behind every resume there are different talents - and behind every job profile different activities. A job profile reflects requirements, but says nothing about the skills that would fit perfectly.

Jobmine matches skills, motivation, interests and personality profiles with activities and requirements of individual job offers.

Jobmine "deciphers" job offers and combines requirements from job profiles and specific requirements of the company. Our intelligent algorithm compares databases such as O*Net and job databases.

The comparison between the candidate's profile and the respective job profile offers the "perfect fit".

The employer portal

Uncomplicated setup and administration of job profiles. Advice on formulating job offers. Dashboard for easy management of applications.

Mobile Service

Easy setup and administration of job profiles. Advice on formulations of job offers. Dashboard for easy administration of applications.

Support with translations

We also search and find candidates outside Germany. For internationally advertised job profiles we offer translations.

Relocation advisory service

We offer a quick check for hiring candidates and inform you about onboarding processes. Upon request, a cooperation partner will take over the complete relocation process.

Matching candidates in three steps

Creating a Job Profile

Uncomplicated: Create your job advertisement in the Jobmine system or simply upload it as a PDF.

Add your own key questions about candidates/job profiles

Formulate without laborious forms some questions to your desired occupation, so we narrow down the preselection further.

The perfect match per Jobmine-algorithm

The rest is done by our jobmine algorithm - you receive candidates that fit perfectly.

Our safety promise

Find the complete privacy policy here: Privacy →


We take data protection seriously. The requirements of German data protection apply to us.

Server location Germany

Data storage and administration take place in Germany.

SSL encryption

The protection of our users data is important to us: Therefore the data traffic to our servers is SSL-encrypted.